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The Cuffsure Solution  

The compact and intuitive Cuffsure device is a perfect solution for setting cuff pressure of airway cuffs in all clinic. Its pocket-size, syringe-like design and colour-belt indicator scale allows a simple and easy operation by medical professionals, including anesthesiologists, ICU nurses and even by users in the home care environment.

Cuffsure Main Benefits:


Syringe-like design, The operation of the device is the closest to the existing common practice, i.e., filling the cuff with a syringe; Pocket-size and lightweight

Intuitive with color belt indicator, easy judge and simple to use;

Accurate and safe: 

±2CmH2O , more accurate pressure

Filling of the cuff while controling the inflated air volume and the cuff pressure, Minimizing chance for human error


Suitable for anesthesiologist and nurse, first response medical use and home care use

Suitable for use with endotracheal and tracheotomy tubes as well as laryngeal masks


Reused times 180+,more economy;

Recommended for single-patient use in order to reduce the risk of cross-contamination, especially in ICU


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Cuffsure Key Features:

·Volume 20ml

·indicator range 15-45 (mmHg/cmH2O)

·Measurement accuracy ±2 (mmHg/cmH2O)

·Reusable, enables 120+ times

·FDA and CE approved.


More less sore throat; And In ICU cuff pressure management, With Cuffsure the cuff pressure reaches the target smoothly, avoid cuff pressure jumping increase suddenly when using a pressure gauge, which will stimulate the airway of the patient, cause Airway convulsions and spasms.